Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, this one isn't making it to Furball Cottage's well-stocked library.  Amazon is selling it for over two thousand dollars.  It would certainly be a great resource in our quest for Thirkellian images, but we'll have to be contented with snatching a couple of slanted photos and calling it a day.  Don't know anything about Bill Brandt, so this is the moment to learn about his career and his publications.  If ever someone comes up with a reissue of this book, and why not, look, after all, at what Moyer Bell has done, and if it sells for a reasonable price... In the meantime, ladies and gents, look in your bookshelves, check out your friendly second-hand purveyors; it may be there, waiting for you to bring it home. Happy hunting!

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